“The program gave me a tremendous head start in my search for research, co-op and job opportunities, as well as valuable interviewing advice.” – David Mallett

“Through the program’s functions, I was able to not only expose myself to many sides of the College of Engineering that would have remained hidden to me, but was able to connect with students and faculty who share my interests.” – Ethan Chavers

“When I first heard about the mentoring program I was hesitant to sign up for it at first because I thought that I would be matched with a horrible mentor and that the program as a whole would be a disaster because the University was just starting it. Man was I wrong. Signing up for the mentoring program has to be one of the best things that I have decided to do at the University thus far.” – Ryan Holter

“By being paired with upperclassman, you gain invaluable knowledge about classes, teachers and how to succeed throughout college from someone who has recently been in your shoes. All of the mentors have your best interests at heart and want to be there for you as you find your niche in the University’s engineering family. Think of your mentor as a big brother or sister!” – Bess Rhodes

“I signed up for the program looking for a mentor whom I can learn from, and found instead a friend who I can talk to.” – Sam Parsons

“The program was wonderful to be involved in. Not only did it allow me to pour into younger students – and tell them things I wish I had known – but it allowed me to develop as well. This is a program that benefits every participant in very worthwhile ways. I wholeheartedly recommend it.” – Rachel Mitchell

“I really enjoyed connecting with a younger student… and helping him make the transition to college. The best part was socializing at professional society meetings that I had introduced him to.” – Michael Robson

“Peer-to-peer mentoring helped me find my place in the College of Engineering.” – Sara Meadows

“This was one of the best opportunities I had to get involved with the College of Engineering and older more experienced students. I really enjoyed it!” – Nick Rogillio

“My mentor helped me get through my first year of college with relatively little trouble and helped me to find clubs that would suit my interests around campus.” – Josh Still