A good mentee

  • Is available, accountable, accessible and consistent
  • Prompt and reliable
  • Asks questions and seeks advice, then listens
  • Looks to the mentor(s) for encouragement, friendship, guidance and coaching
  • Sets reasonable expectations and one goal
  • Makes every effort to achieve your program goal

To have a successful mentoring experience, mentees should

  • Share your expectations with your mentor(s)
  • Set a reasonable and measurable goal with mentor(s)
  • Revisit goals monthly with your mentor(s) to ensure that you are on track
  • Communicate weekly with mentor(s) and meet according to the Mentor UPP schedule
  • Work at building a positive relationship
  • Listen to mentor’s advice and explore options
  • Utilize information and resources provided by mentor(s)


  • Mentor UPP Kickoff according to the Mentor UPP schedule
  • Meet with mentor(s) according to the Mentor UPP schedule
  • Attend at least one monthly Mentor UPP Group activity per semester
  • Attend called mandatory meetings